Yet another upcoming project: BFTP

New Project May 11, 2021

I've started working with a couple of my friends from the @bigfriendlytranspals Instagram page to build a website for sharing information and news about issues for transgender people. The focus is primarily on current and future research, because we already have the IG page for memes. We've put together a discord server already, so that we have improved community engagement.

What is the issue?

Instagram pages are limited in terms of engagement. The closest thing we can do to engage with the community is usually something like a comments section discussion or Q&A poll.

How are we solving it?

The plan for BFTP in the near future is two-part:

  1. Discord server: allows for more friendly, direct conversations. We can message as individuals, which gives us more freedom in terms of what we discuss. Additionally, discussing issues around transgender health and legislation tends to be frowned upon by Instagram's recommendation algorithm. The conversational layout of discord allows us to have more sensible (read "less internet-like") discussions on topics which directly affect the people in the discussion.
  2. Website: While the domain is still in the air (most likely because I own it now), the aim is to start a blog for the BFTP team to talk about issues without worrying about IG doing annoying stuff with our content.

Anyways, we'll see how it goes!


Pranav Sharma

I’m a year 12 student at St Marks Catholic College. I specialise in science and mathematics, as well as full-stack software/hardware development. I am currently employed as a Network Administrator.

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