All your data are belong to us™.

In all seriousness, I know that people care about their privacy, which is why I've outlined our tracking mechanisms below.

Comments Server

  • I use a self-hosted Commento instance for comments and feedback.
  • The only thing Commento tracks is how many times a site is opened (no specific pages or anything), but this isn't sent to anyone other than me.
  • Anonymous commenting has been enabled, but anyone who chooses to sign up also chooses to give me access to their email address for password resets and stuff. This is never manually accessed, only automated stuff uses that data.

Site Signup

  • Stripe is our payment processor for now, and because they deal with money and bank information, they have significantly more tracking than I do.
View Stripe's Privacy Policy here.
  • The internal membership is all automatically managed via SQLite and the site backend, Ghost. No personal information is sent by the site to anyone
  • While I have the ability to reset passwords, view signed-up emails, and block users from seeing posts, I cannot view your password. All secure (i.e. your password) information is hashed and salted.


  • This site uses Cloudflare Insights for analytics, because it's faster than Google Analytics, and made by a company known for privacy protections.
  • If you would like to opt out of this tracking, add to your URL Blacklist.
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