My New Graphics Portfolio

Projects Jul 13, 2021

So due to the recent nuking of Homeworld, my old Lychee-based graphics portfolio no longer exists. While I'm sad about losing some of my old photos and videos, I know it was all cringe anyway, so I don't really care too much. However, rather than wasting the perfectly good domain, I've started a new graphics portfolio using a new frontend, and better integration with my other service (read: cash grabs). You can find it at, although it might just get migrated to or something (which already redirects, in case you try clicking on it) once that domain expires (I really should have gotten a .media or .photography domain, but whatever. I shop for domains like people shop for shoes/cars/clothes/tech: buy it whenever it catches my eye and has a shiny discount tag, then get stuck with trying to find a reason to use it for the next 12 months before eventually getting rid of it on eBay. This bracket tangent is too long, isn't it.). So yeah, there's that, along with my brain problems thanks to 2 weeks of seeing the same 2 humans and nobody else. Not much else new to be honest.


Pranav Sharma

Iā€™m a year 12 student at St Marks Catholic College. I specialise in science and mathematics, as well as full-stack software/hardware development. I am currently employed as a Network Administrator.

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