Moonlight - Flash Fiction Practice

Short Story Aug 3, 2021

I lay awake, cold and alone. I stare through the thick branches, up into the sky, black with night. The wind whispers around me, stirring the leaves, making them dance and soar in the air.

I think to myself: this is how it will always be. Forgotten, left alone. A tear makes its way down my cheek, I let it go. I turn my head and look to the side. There's nothing but darkness around me. The night is silent, the world is asleep. I look back above into the night sky and I want to scream, just to break the silence.

The crack of a twig, the call of an owl, distant noises that don't invade my space. I roll onto my side and wish there was someone else here with me, but of course, no one will come, for I am doomed to remain cold and alone, living here without a soul.

I get the urge to cry again, and think “What's the point? There's no-one to hear you, no-one to care.” So I simply sit up and look at the moonlit sky again. The moon's light doesn't shine down in my space. The hope seems so far above me. Maybe if I can reach it, the world around me will vanish.

Upon shaky legs I rise, and I look up at the endless path before me. To reach the moon is all I want. To see the stars before me, is all I need. Grabbing on the lowest branch I brace myself and pull myself up. My progress is slow, but my goal is clear.

Limb after limb, one step after the other I ascend. I climb like my life depends on my success; for all I know, it does. Closer the sky comes, the brighter the world becomes. I'm excited. Just a few more steps and I'd be in the moon's light. My hand moves above the trees as I pull myself above the tree line. I'm worn, I'm tired, but my salvation is there, Just a bit more strength, a bit more height. Just... A… Bit... More.

Just a bit more!


The moon disappears from upon my hand, the world falls from beneath me, and suddenly, I'm falling. Falling faster than I can stop myself. Nails shred, bones shatter, blood splatters and the only thought in my mind is that I could have made it, if only I tried harder.

Pain is a friend coursing through me. The world is still gone from beneath me, but I sense it like an impending trap ready to snatch me up. There's no way to brace for what came next. The sickly thud of a body slamming against the ground, the scent of blood, a copper perfume that penetrates the mind. The inability to feel to move, to do anything except stare above, into a world coloured with sparks and fog.

The moon now looks down upon me, its mocking smile grinning at me as I lay, broken.

Suddenly, Sound invades my world. The sound of paws, soft yips, and loud barks, coming to see what the world has done to me. Hungry eyes glow in the darkness, their teeth mocking smiles as they laugh at what's before them.

The pain comes back in a rush as dozens of teeth pierce, ripping away flesh. I want to scream, but my mouth won't work. Tears race down my cheek as darkness creeps across the edge of my vision. I feel the pain, and can't help but look and see  my body being fought over, for the first and last time. Fate truly is a twisted mistress.


Pranav Sharma

I’m a year 12 student at St Marks Catholic College. I specialise in science and mathematics, as well as full-stack software/hardware development. I am currently employed as a Network Administrator.

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