Might have to run ads (Schoolnotes Portal)

Schoolnotes Portal Apr 7, 2021

Despite all of my attempts to avoid it, at the end of this month, we're going to start running ads on the site. Why? Because it costs SO MUCH to stay online and relevant. Even these posts on an established platform see exactly 0 views, let alone patronages or donations. I need to maximise every cent I can from this site, so we're going to slowly push more ads each month, maxing out at 6 per post (which isn't a lot when you actually look at the length of the posts themselves). Mission failed, I guess.


Pranav Sharma

Iā€™m a year 12 student at St Marks Catholic College. I specialise in science and mathematics, as well as full-stack software/hardware development. I am currently employed as a Network Administrator.

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