New Site: Hyperbolic.Design

Photography Mar 17, 2021

So I recently decided to start a photography page (wow so quirky /s). The issue is, I've already burned through my allocation of new Instagram accounts (I'm at like 20 now), and I'm not really happy with platforms like VSCO or Unsplash for my own content. I just like to have control over what I make, and I feel that those platforms really limit that control. As a result, I bought another domain (as always), and started a photography album collection there. If you want to take a look, it's available at

The domain, with SSL, working for once.

Yet again, I've decided to go with a non-traditional domain because I'm too cool, and I enjoy having my emails redirected to spam. I went with .design because my registrar, Porkbun, was giving them away for a significantly discounted rate of 0$. I might end up scrapping the domain and just doing something like, but since they were giving it away, I thought it would be smart to pick it up, just in case I wanted it for something later.

Albums I've already uploaded.

Anyways, that's enough of me talking about my new domain. Go take a look for yourself., in case you've forgotten how to scroll up.


Pranav Sharma

Iā€™m a year 12 student at St Marks Catholic College. I specialise in science and mathematics, as well as full-stack software/hardware development. I am currently employed as a Network Administrator.

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